Peak Performance And Anabolic Steroid Use

A lot of bodybuilders start using anabolic steroids long before they actually need them. These products, however, are designed for use by people who want to start pushing past their physiological limits. Given that every anabolic steroid is going to entail some form of side effects, it’s important to only start a cycle when your body is primed for benefits. Using these products too judiciously and much too soon is a waste of money, time and effort. The key to knowing when you’re ready is simply identifying when you’ve reached peak performance.

What Peak Performance Is

You may have seen a few people at the gym who were maintaining moderate workouts and eating what they wanted, only to come back a few months later looking massive and cut. These are bodybuilders who have relied on anabolic steroids far more than they should have. Given that they’ve never experienced peak performance on their own, they’re unlikely to have the determination and drive to keep putting in the work once their cycles have ended. As such, you can be sure that they’re going to experience massive losses in gains once they no longer have access to this chemical support.

When you reach your peak performance, you’re literally pushing your body as hard as you possibly can, without any supplementation, so that there is no possible way for you to do more or increase the intensity of your workout unless you get some form of outside support. It takes a lot of effort and determination to get this far which means that you’ll have engaged in both intense physical conditioning and intense psychological conditioning. This will have primed both your body and your mind to take things to the next level once you start anabolic steroids.

No Shortcuts

One of the most important things to note about any anabolic steroid is that these products are not meant to do the work for you. You have to maintain healthy eating habits and you have to maintain the type of work ethic in the gym that is going to drive you to your goals. If you don’t workout enough or if you make a habit of feeding yourself with a lot of high-fat, greasy fare that you’ve nabbed from the drive-through, you’re going to be soft, flabby and lacking true muscle definition within a just a few weeks of your bulking cycle’s end. People who know what it means to reach peak performance, however, have the self-discipline for maintain healthy, nutrient-dense diets and grueling workout schedules. They also have the ability to limit losses after bulking, stay strong during their rests and transition seamlessly into their cutting phases.